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How to Apply?


​The School Library Sponsorship Programme (SLSP) provides an infrastructure in support of the Chinese book collections in school libraries, to achieve our mission of encouraging and promoting the Chinese language. 

Who is Eligible to Apply?

  • All government primary schools​

  • All government-aided primary schools​

Applicants should clearly articulate their current and future plans associated with promoting the Chinese language. Applicants are also encouraged to provide other relevant information,

such as past events/activities photos or other materials. 

Please click here for more information.

Since 2018, CSCF has granted the following cycles of SLSP:

Apply by

1 Oct 2018

1 Oct 2019

30 Oct 2020

15 Nov 2021

Notified by

Jan 2019

Jan 2020

Feb 2021

Feb 2022

No. of Schools Awarded





Project Execution

Feb - Aug 2019

Feb - Dec 2020

Mar - Dec 2021

Mar - Mar 2023*

* Subject to change according to local and international COVID-19 safe measures. 

What Does The Programme Support?

  1. Providing recommendations of books across different genres from local and overseas sources as requested, including new, evergreen and award-winning titles

  2. Coding and labelling of each book

  3. Cataloguing contents and documents provided for librarians

  4. Wrapping of each book to ensure longer lifespan of books for the schools

Summary of Program Stages


  1. Open for applications

  2. Close for applications

  3. Compilation and first phase of assessment

  4. Contacting of applicants if further information is required

  5. Panel of judges to assess and review each application

  6. Contacting of applicants if further information is required

  7. Notification of results

  8. Meet awarded schools to understand their procurement requirements

  9. List of recommendations (categorised with level indications)

  10. Sourcing and purchasing process (local and overseas)

  11. Operational matters (coding, labelling, cataloguing contents and wrapping)

  12. Delivery to schools in 3 to 4 batches

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