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Number of books donated to date: 543

As the Campaign Name, "EveryBookaStory", Suggests With Every 1 Story Read , 1 Storybook Will be Donated 

This campaign welcomes everyone to take part! Join us in making Chinese children’s stories readily available on social media while contributing to a pool of Chinese children’s books to be donated to the primary school libraries in Singapore. 

Thank You for your participation!

The campaign has ended

How to participate?

Step 1.

Register your interest on our registration page.

Step 2.

Read a complete Chinese children’s story and record it on video (duration not more than 5 minutes). 
Upload your video on Facebook or Instagram.

Step 3.
Set the video to public and include the #EveryBookaStory #CSCFSingapore hashtags

If you are unable to post on your social media accounts, please email us at
We will post your video on our Facebook and Instagram page.

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